Friday, October 23, 2015

Using KAATSU In A Hotel

Even though we can use our KAATSU Nano or KAATSU Cycle unit in our own hotel room, we always like to use the hotel fitness room for our KAATSU training.

Every hotel fitness center is different and we can use either our KAATSU Nano or our KAATSU Cycle with every machine - except the large dumbbells.

We can spin on the stationary or recumbent exercise bikes with our KAATSU leg bands on - or we can jog or sprint on the treadmills. We can use the elliptical cross-trainers with our KAATSU arm bands on - or also do core work or stretch or swim if the hotel has a pool.

Our workouts not only can become intense with the KAATSU arm or leg bands on, but the workouts also become very efficient which is always a good thing on a business trip or vacation.

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