Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Revolutionary Concept That Continues To Evolve: KAATSU

While some competitors in the BFR market claim that BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training started in the 1930's, it is interesting to read the original United State patent on KAATSU bands and KAATSU training.

KAATSU inventor Dr. Yoshiaki Sato (see brief summary of history here) submitted his original patent filing in November 1993: Tightening tool for muscle training and muscle training method using same. The patent submission was granted by the US Patent & Trademark Office in November 2000 in the United States and other countries.

The original patent (read here) describes "a tightening tool including an elastic body in the form of a belt, rope, tube, etc. for forming a tightening loop adapted to surround a desired part of muscles and tighten it, and locking means for holding the tightening loop at a desired size. A muscle training method for accelerating enlargement and strengthening of the muscles can be practiced by the tightening tool to temporarily block the flow of blood to the desired part of the muscle."

Dr. Sato's original KAATSU elastic, stretchable bands and the concept of using bands to strengthen muscle were revolutionary then - and remains so even now as the KAATSU technology, equipment and protocols have advanced many iterations after decades of dedicated research by academics, and clinical testing by physiologists, cardiologists, internists, and physical therapists, and practical applications by coaches, athletes, sedentary individuals, cardiac rehab patients, and individuals up to the age of 104 years.

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Monday, January 3, 2022

Listening and Learning about the Pursuit of Gold with Laura Wilkinson

The Pursuit of Gold with Laura Wilkinson is a podcast by Olympic 10m platform diving gold medalist and world champion Laura Wilkinson focusing on in-depth discussions with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, sports professionals, elite coaches, and experts.

During her conversations that cover a wide spectrum of topics , KAATSU user Wilkinson and her guests describe their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tools that help shape them and generate peak performance.

The links to each of her podcasts to date are posted below:

1. An honest conversation about the Olympic postponement with Mariel Zagunis (listen here)
2. Keys to a gold medal mindset with USOPC sports psychologist Dr. Karen Cogan (listen here)
3. Learning to perform instead of compete with legend, Greg Louganis (listen here)
4. Softball is back on the Olympic schedule and so is Cat Osterman (listen here)
5. From World Champion Gymnast to World Renowned Coach with Kim Zmeskal (listen here)
6. You're never too old to dream big with Olympic medalist Lauren Gibbs (listen here)
7. Extend your athletic career with Susie Parker-Simmons (listen here)
8. Celebrating the Olympic Games with broadcaster Ted Robinson (listen here)
9. How heartbreak led to an historic victory with Kaillie Humphries - part 1 (listen here)
10. The secret formula for 20 years of impact with coach Chip Baker (listen here)
11. Overcoming abuse and writing history with Kaillie Humphries - part 2 (listen here)
12. US Navy EOD Officer to Gold Medal Paralympian with Brad Snyder (listen here)
13. Why you need a goal greater than yourself with AJ Edelman (listen here)
14. You don't need to have sight to have vision with Amy Dixon (listen here)
15. Being a mom can make you a better athlete with Elana Meyers Taylor (listen here)
16. Mindset is everything with speed skater Apolo Ohno (listen here)
17. When the competitive spark is reignited with gymnast Chellsie Memmel (listen here)
18. When your purpose becomes greater than your goal with Chaunte Lowe (listen here)
19. You need to always be in a season of learning with swimmer Michael Andrew (listen here)
20. Recognizing and overcoming abuse with pro golfer Tracy Hanson (listen here)
21. Make each day better than your last with shot put gold medalist Michelle Carter (listen here)
22. Training and competing with no regrets with World's Greatest Athlete Trey Hardee (listen here)
23. When the beautiful Olympic moment is not what you expected with Abbey and Jacob Cooper (listen here)
24. Special birthday Q&A with our host Laura Wilkinson and daughter Arella (listen here)
25. Breaking barriers with World Champion weightlifter Kristi Brewer (listen here)
26. Grins, gold & becoming a #girldad with Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian (listen here)
27. How to be resilient through adversity & improve performance with Dr. Ben Houltberg (listen here)
28. When your passion becomes your way of life with Olympic swimmer Cammile Adams (listen here)
29. Finding the positive side of challenges with Paralympic Champion Allysa Seely (listen here)
30. For the love of sport with speedskating legend Bonnie Blair (listen here)
31. When the Journey Brings You Full Circle with Olympic Diver and Coach Gabi Chereches (listen here)
32. The Secret to Dominance with World Champion High Diver Gary Hunt (listen here)
33. How to keep moving forward in uncertain times with our host Laura Wilkinson (listen here)
34. Turning the Tables on the Media with Emmy Award Winner Randy McIlvoy (listen here)
35. How to Face and Overcome Fear with Our Host, Laura Wilkinson (listen here)
36. Always be Learning Your Craft with Volleyball Olympic Medalist Rachael Adams here (listen here)
37. Learning to run free with World Champion Chanelle Price (listen here)
38. Paralyzed to Powerful with Rugby Player Robert Paylor (listen here)
39. Chasing dreams and making history with Olympic runner Dom Scott (listen here)
40. Coming back from injuries stronger than before with our host Laura Wilkinson (listen here)
41. Chess on Bikes with Olympic cyclist Giddeon Massie (listen here)
42. Redefining Success with Olympic Hurdler Sarah Wells (listen here)
43. How wisdom and experience are earned with professional cyclist Brad White (listen here)
44. How to start taking action on your biggest goals with our host Laura Wilkinson (listen here)
45. Ministry and competition with our host Laura Wilkinson and Power Up Sports Ministry (listen here)
46. 17 scars that paved the way to Tokyo with taekwando Olympian Victoria Stambaugh (listen here)
47. An unstoppable drive with our host Laura Wilkinson on the Jedburgh Podcast (listen here)
48. How to Have a Championship Mindset with Chad Busick (listen here)
49. Bouncing Forward with Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy (listen here)
50. Worth the risk with aerial skiing Olympian Emily Cook (listen here)
51. Connecting sport, faith and life with Dr. Chad Carlson & Dr. Brian Bolt (listen here)
52. Unwavering Belief with 2-Time Super Bowl Champ Tory James (listen here)
53. Anything is Possible with Olympic bronze medalist Krysta Palmer (listen here)

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