Wednesday, August 24, 2016

KAATSU Stretching

KAATSU during Stretching can be done two different ways:

(a) Stretching with KAATSU Cycle

(b) Stretching with Optimal Pressure

KAATSU Specialists often ask older patients or rehabilitating clients to simply stretch as the KAATSU Air Bands are inflated during the KAATSU Cycle mode - and to relax during the 5-second rest (deflated) intervals. These patients do not - or cannot due to age or other ailments - even do the KAATSU 3-point exercises because it is too stressful. For these individuals, stretching with the KAATSU Cycle is sufficiently effective.

Conversely, younger healthy KAATSU users can inflate to their Optimal SKU and stretch before and/or after their KAATSU workouts. Stretching with the inflated bands serves to help keep the muscles limber and avoid muscle hypertrophy that some individuals and endurance athletes do not want.

Unlike KAATSU training for muscle hypertrophy (see here), KAATSU users who are stretching do not need to go to fatigue. Most do not even come close to muscle failure. They are simply stretching the muscles that are engorged in blood.

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