Thursday, February 8, 2018

Functional Movement with KAATSU

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, student-athletes
For what? functional movement, mobility, flexibility, recovery

KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Training is used for a variety of purposes from athletic performance (increasing speed, strength, stamina or size) to rehabilitation to recovery.

For many users, the most effective functional movement with KAATSU is walking. That is, simply walking at a comfortable pace with the KAATSU Air Bands on your legs, a most common and popular form of KAATSU performed.

But there are some older or injured individuals who cannot walk (far) with KAATSU Air Bands. In these cases, they put on their KAATSU Air Bands on their legs and either:

* walk in place
* repeatedly stand up and down while holding a chair, table or wall
* lift up one foot up as repeated leg curls (alternating legs after 10-30 repetitions)

KAATSU functional movements can also be enhanced with KAATSU Air Bands or Aqua Bands during:

1. martial arts training or combative sports movements (e.g., throwing a jab or learning a new wrestling move)
2. swimming or aqua-walking
3. shooting (a basketball)
4. throwing (a baseball)
5. swimming or track starts
6. typing on a computer
7. swinging a tennis racquet or golf club
8. spinning on a stationary bicycle
9. jumping for specific sports (e.g., rebounds in basketball)
10. paddling or kayaking
11. walking up stairs
12. getting in and out of a chair or bed

Users should start with the KAATSU Cycle and then move right into their KAATSU functional movements of choice.

Alternatively, if functional movements are not possible due to age, injury or disability, the KAATSU 3-Point Exercises were developed for these individuals or others who want a specific set of exercises to repeat for their own rehabilitation or training program.

1. KAATSU 3-Point Exercises for arms:

(a) Standard: 3 sets of Hand Clenches + 3 sets of Biceps Curls + 3 sets of Triceps Extensions
(b) Advanced: 3 sets of Hand Clenches with a squeeze ball + 3 sets of Biceps Curls with very light dumbbells + 3 sets of Triceps Extensions done slowly with muscle contraction

2. KAATSU 3-Point Exercises for legs:

(a) Standard: 3 sets of Toe Curls + 3 sets of Toe Raises + 3 sets of Sitting Heel Raises
(b) Advanced: 3 sets of slow Standing Heel Raises + 3 sets of slow Standing Leg Curls + 3 sets of slow non-lock Quarter Squats

3. KAATSU 3-Point Exercises for core (optional):

(a) Standard (with KAATSU leg bands on): Sit up straight in chair + stretch arms and hands upwards in a long, slow stretch + bend forward breathing slowly
(b) Advanced (with KAATSU leg bands on): Balance on one foot (alternate feet) + balance on one foot while moving water bottles in hand + walk with a book on your head + balance

Photo shows physical therapist Bettina Bardin-Sorensen PT, MSPT, CAFS, TPI doing KAATSU with a patient.

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