Thursday, December 2, 2021

Naoyuki Kato Wins Bronze at the IFBB World Championships

Naoyuki Kato of Gold's Gym Japan placed third in the 2021 IFBB World Championships.

The former competitive gymnast from Saitama Prefecture in Japan competed in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness 40-44 years, under 80 kg masters division and finished his highest career placing yet in the competition in Santa Susanna, Spain on November 8th.

13 top bodybuilding and fitness representatives from Japan had to quarantine, but Kato worked on free weights and used KAATSU equipment during his final build-up to the championships.

The 40-year-old Kato has a number of podium finishes in domestic Japanese competitions (2005 Chiba Prefecture Body Building Championship Championship, 2008 Kanto class Championship 75 kg class championship, 2011 Kanto Body Building Championship, 2012 Japan Open Championship Championship, 2013 Japan Championship 9th place, 2014 Japan Championship 11th place, Japan Class Championship 70 kg class, 2019 Japan Championship 3rd place, Japan Class Championship 70 kg class 3rd place, 2021 Japan Class Championship 4th place), but this was his first top finish in an international IFBB championship.

Kato explains the importance of balance, "I try my best to keep balance between work, family, and bodybuilding. To do that, I must first be healthy. I can work because I am healthy and also help with child-rearing and housework at home.

If you are healthy, you can build muscle. Health is the basis of everything

Kato first used the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 equipment as a countermeasure against swelling on the airplane when traveling to Spain. "Since the competition was in Spain and the flight time from Japan was 15 hours, I brought the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 on board as my carry-on baggage and used it [in the airplane] as a countermeasure against swelling. I performed four Cycle sets at the pressure levels 3-4 on the airplane twice every 5 hours with my legs. By pressurizing with the KAATSU Air Bands, my blood flow improved, and I was able to enter the country while maintaining my good condition.

I also used the equipment for my on-site KAATSU CycleⓇ training. The training facility at the local hotel had a limited amount of free weights, so we were able to maintain training intensity by utilizing KAATSU Cycle sets that with low loads. In addition, during times when training time was not available to us, we used KAATSU pressure in our rooms to perform KAATSU Training using resistance bands.

Lastly, I also used the KAATSU equipment for pumping up the backstage during the day of the championships. Immediately before my time on stage, the KAATSU pressure was set at 200 SKU and I got pumped up.

I was able to efficiently pump up my muscles in a short time.

Kato explains how the KAATSU equipment can be used in the future, "We can use for rehabilitation and injury prevention. Once a week, we do medium intensity KAATSU Cycle sets with a large range of motion and high frequency. We can also use the KAATSU Constant mode for muscle hypertrophy, especially on our arms; other body parts are used to pump up as a finisher to our training."

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