Sunday, November 27, 2022

Rachel Roberts Uses Her Creativity With Recipes and KAATSU

Houston native Rachel Roberts is a well-known chef, social media influencer, podcaster, and regular KAATSU user.

With her tagline, "Eat Clean, Drink a little Dirty!", 49-year-old Roberts leads an active lifestyle inside her home, at her studio, and outside entertaining clients and friends.

Her days and nights are filled with being creative in the kitchen and on the road.

However, the stunning Texas beauty admits to not being a fan of exercise. "I like being in shape and enjoying being fit, but I prefer to have a nice glass of red wine in my hand rather than a dumbbell. I would have work with a skillet than a jump rope."

But after an unanticipated introduction to KAATSU by renowned architect Michael Chiarelli, her perspective of health and fitness was completely transformed. "Michael taught me that by doing KAATSU Cycle sets, even while we are sitting down creating new recipes or designing new spaces for a restaurant or hotel, we are actually working out. And by working out, I do not mean doing burpees or push-ups. I mean exercising on the cellular level. I mean exercising by increasing the elasticity of our vascular tissue and producing a healthy hormonal response in an incredibly easy way."

Roberts' ingenuity in presenting healthy nutrition to people of all ages and backgrounds is a part of her DNA. Since an early age given her Italian mother's passion for cooking and her Texarkana father's love of grilling and barbequing, she has nurtured a wide variety of colorful dishes with a variety of flavors based on her deep-seated philosophy of "eating what you grow".

That same ingenuity that she taps into with her recipes is mirrored by her incorporation of KAATSU in her daily lifestyle. "I eat what I grow and I use what I have," she explains. "With KAATSU equipment, I can go about my daily life and use the natural movement of my arms and legs to increase my strength and stamina as well as maintain and improve my muscle tone and skin elasticity. It is so easy and convenient. The results just come about naturally. And just like my recipes, I want to share it with the world."

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  1. A phenomenal chief. Her artistic energy is matched only by her creativeness and soul put into her recipes. A larger than life individual. Wouldn't be surprised to see her on her own culinary show one day.