Saturday, July 11, 2015

Using KAATSU To Recover From Broken Ribs

After his recent motorcycle injury, KAATSU Global provided the following recommendations to professional motocross biker Wil Hahn who has cracked ribs and a concussion:

1. Focus on doing the KAATSU Cycle function on a KAATSU Nano device (see below) during his recovery.

2. Start with 2 "KAATSU 20" Cycles (i.e., 8 cycles of 20 seconds on + 5 seconds off). Each of these automatic "KAATSU 20" Cycles is 3 minutes 20 seconds in duration.

3. Then proceed to 3-5 manual "KAATSU 60" Cycles (i.e., 60 seconds on + 5 seconds off).

4. Because he is in such excellent physical shape, he can manually tighten the KAATSU Air Bands (i.e., the Base SKU pressure) to fairly high levels, but no one should ever occlude or feel numbness while doing KAATSU Cycle or KAATSU Training.

5. He always tightens to a level where his limbs take on a pinkness or a beefy red color when doing KAATSU Cycle or KAATSU Training.

6. After he confirms his CPT (capillary refill time) so it is under 3 seconds, he uses a KAATSU Nano (or KAATSU Master) to inflate the pneumatic KAATSU Air Bands to his Optimal SKU pressure for that day. Again, because he is in such excellent physical shape, his Optimal SKU is much higher than the normal adult.

7. While he is doing the KAATSU Cycles, he can just sit and relax, watch TV, or work/play on his laptop.

8. After he is cleared to exercise after recovering from his concussion, he can begin incorporating the KAATSU Training function and can add in the standard KAATSU 3-point exercises on his arms and his legs to the KAATSU 20 Cycle and KAATSU 60 Cycle protocols. Over time, he can then begin to incorporate KAATSU into his normal training after he is fully recovered from his concussion.

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  1. HI, I am interested in what exercises were used and what was the base and optimum SKU? Thanks

  2. At this time, due to his concussion, almost no movement is required or recommended. He slowly opens and closes his hands with the arm bands on and raises and gently lowers his toes with the leg bands on. His Base SKU on his arms was 25-30 and the Base SKU on his legs were the same. He started with an Optimal SKU of 250 SKU on the first cycle and gradually increased to 450 SKU by his last cycle. The young 25-year-old professional athlete is quite fit.

    1. Steve, thank you for your reply and I wish Wil speedy recovery and all the best from Down Under.