Thursday, January 17, 2019

The KAATSU Effect: Walking After 10 Days

Follow-up to the posting regarding KAATSU the original BFR and its application to enhance the healing of a cracked calcaneus (heel) bone: see here.

Olympic swim coach Chris Morgan recently fractured his right calcaneus bone (heel). The injury resulted in a crack about 75% through the entire bone.

Morgan did KAATSU Cycles on both his arms and legs while in a boot, on crunches and taking pain medications for the last two weeks at his home. The doctor instructed him not to walk or apply pressure on the healing bone until he cleared him. "It was painful and there is no way to walk on it, but I could sit up and do KAATSU on my arms and legs."

After doing KAATSU Cycles in the morning and evening every day, he was able to stand and walk on this cracked - but healing - heel after 10 days. And walking fully without a boot or crutches within 15 days. According to the standard prognosis, this kind of healing is unheard of.

"In the emergency room, the doctor said to me, 'Oh that must be so painful. You cracked 75% of heel.' He was right. But I knew that I had to start rehabbing with KAATSU as soon as I got home," Morgan recalled.

"But after only 10 days, I surprised my doctor by being able to stand and walk on my heel. He asked what I was doing. Admittedly, standing and walking is not yet completely pain-free, but I was able to reduce his estimate from 6 weeks to 10 days."

Morgan's rehabilitation includes two separate KAATSU sessions per day: a morning session and an evening session where he does several KAATSU Cycles on both his arms and legs.

Morgan explains, “The doctor told me to be completely off my injured foot for 6 weeks. I did KAATSU daily - twice daily. Based on my quick healing of my broken ribs, I guessed that my bone should be healed enough to start walking within 2 weeks with KAATSU. Well, being able to walk only took 10 days of KAATSU Cycling – and every day feels even better."

Podiatrist Dr. Lyle Nalli explains, "The calcaneus is the most vascular bone in the foot and can crack easily, but with its thin cortex and sparse inner bone pattern, can heal the fastest off all the foot bones. KAATSU, as it regulates blood flow, etc., speeds up the bone's healing rate."

After 15 days of twice-daily KAATSU Cycles done in the morning and evening, Morgan was able to walk without crutches and without a walking boot, vastly increasing his mobility within 2 weeks while his physician had predicted he would be only able to stand on his heel after 6 weeks.

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