Thursday, June 18, 2020

Tightening The Skin With KAATSU Beauty

For who? Work-at-home employees, mothers
For what? KAATSU Beauty, skin care, KAATSU At Home

Optimal movements to help improve and tighten loose folds of skin due to surgery and significant weight loss include the exercises with KAATSU Beauty are described below. Tightening the skin and underlying muscle will take some time, but improvement is best achieved by doing 2 KAATSU Beauty sessions per day with 3-6 KAATSU Cycle sets on both your arms and legs:

Upper Body with KAATSU AirBands on your Arms
> in the KAATSU Cycle mode

1. Extend your arm outwards from your body and rotate your arms clockwise and counterclockwise. Keep your arms in the same position, approximately at shoulder height, but twist your wrists as far as possible in the clockwise direction and then in the opposite (counterclockwise) direction. Move your arms slowly rather than quickly.
2. Let your arms hang naturally downwards from your body while you walk and alternately rotate your arms in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
3. Do the Standard KAATSU 3-Point Arm Exercises that include Hand Clenches + Biceps Curls + Triceps Extensions, optimally performed slowly.

Lower Body - KAATSU AirBands on your Legs
> in the KAATSU Cycle mode
1. Walk comfortably. Optimally and ideally, you can walk barefoot on the sand or, alternatively, on grass or uphill.
2. Do Standard KAATSU 3-Point Leg Exercises that include Standing Heel Raises + Standing Leg Curls (bringing heels to buttocks) + Non-lock (Partial) Quarter Squats. One set is performed with toes pointed inwards; another set is performed with the toes pointed outwards; last set is performed with the feet pointed straight (normally).

Core - KAATSU AirBands on your Legs
> in the KAATSU Cycle mode
1. Balance on one foot for xx seconds. Do 3 times. Then balance on the other foot for as many seconds as you can. Repeat 3 times.
2. Walk comfortably with a small book on your head.
3. Play with a Hula Hoop.
4. Stretch your legs and lower back normally.

Chin and Jaw - KAATSU AirBands on your Arms
> in the KAATSU Cycle mode
1. Repeatedly pronounce vowels ("...a-e-i-o-u...") with exaggerated movement of jaw and mouth.
2. Move your head upwards and downwards slowly.
3. Turn your head left and right.
4. Rotate your head left and right.

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