Sunday, November 29, 2020

Steve Stavs and KAATSU on The Made To Thrive Show

For who? Biohackers, Baby Boomers, retirees, competitive athletes
For what? Strength, fitness, functional movement

Steve Stavs, a biohacker from South Africa and the host of The Made To Thrive Show, interviewed Navy SEAL captain John Doolittle and Steven Munatones of KAATSU Global. They discussed KAATSU the original BFR with emphasis on the following:

* the most efficient and effective training tool to biohack the prevention of injury and maximize performance from age 14 to 101 years old
* the science of Blood Flow Modulation and occlusion kits
* the systemic effects of KAATSU- psychological, mental and emotional benefits
* how Steve Munatones is swimming less and performing better at the age of 58 than at the age of 28
* the powerful impact KAATSU has on rehabilitation
* how people can work whilst working out
* how KAATSU mimics intense exercise pressure resulting in the same hormonal response
* the training secret of professional athletes that gives the competitive edge – enabling Olympic athletes to peak in the stadium
* the possibility of the Arnold Schwarzenegger look with KAATSU- from muscle hypertrophy to muscle strengthening

Watch Steve Stavs on his Made To Thrive Show here.

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