Thursday, December 17, 2020

When Snow Falls, KAATSU To Stay Warm

For who? Working adults
For what? Strength, exercise

KAATSU Master Specialist Chris Morgan has been using his KAATSU equipment for his rehabilitation of his broken ribs and broken heel as well as training his competitive swimmers and adult swimmers - both in their daily workouts and during competitions.

Over the years, Coach Morgan has really appreciated the effects of KAATSU, the original BFR. But this winter, especially after heavy snowfalls, he has appreciated his KAATSU equipment even more.

The Boston area experienced a heavy snowfall last night and this morning.

Before KAATSU, Morgan used to shovel snow in the mornings and his hands would get cold. No more.

At first, he used to shovel snow and then do a KAATSU Fitness session when he came into his home. "With more than a foot of snow on the ground, I always had a lot of snow to shovel. My hands would get borderline frostbite. I would do about 6 sets on the Pro Low pressure setting and my hands were as warm as ever.

But nowadays, I just wear the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 while I shovel. It is a tremendous workout that solves the immediate problem of removing snow from my driveway and porch and around the house, but my hands always stay warm. At first, I started wearing the KAATSU Air Bands over my jacket, but then I realized that the effects and warmth were so much better when the bands were over my shirt, but underneath my jacket. For someone with cold feet, putting bands on their legs would be great

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