Saturday, August 7, 2021

Support Water Warrior Jamal Hill Heading To Tokyo

Of all the aquatic athletes competing in the Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games, Los Angeles-born swimmer and long-time KAATSU user Jamal Hill may be the most creative, innovative, and the most influential agent of change.

The postponement of the Tokyo Paralympic Games to 2021 was a blessing in disguise for Hill and his Swim Up Hill Foundation (@swimuphill). After qualifying for the 50m freestyle and relays, Hill continues to use his voice as a platform for social change. His Foundation is on its way to teach 1 million people in underserved communities how to swim and stay safe in and near the water.

In addition to his likeness on an 8-story building near LAX International Airport, Hill sells some Water Warrior, Swimming Ninja t-shirts to support his cause. To order Swim Up Hill shirts, visit here.

For more information on The Swim Up Hill Foundation, visit #swimuphill and @swimuphill.

Hill's shirt design is partly based off of the Great Wave Off Kanagawa ukiyo-e print by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

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