Monday, May 30, 2022

From A Soldier To A Swimmer, The Marathon Swim Story of John Doolittle

While many, if not most, people know John Doolittle as a 25-year military veteran, a retired Navy SEAL captain, and an Air Force Academy graduate where he was a talented breaststroker, he has another side to his multi-faceted career: that of a channel swimmer.

Shannon House interviewed Doolittle, the Chief Revenue Officer of KAATSU Global, for her podcast, Marathon Swim Stories. Doolittle tells House about the establishment of Tampa Bay Frogman Swim, annually raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the NAVY SEAL Foundation, and what led him to swim 33.5 kilometers across a rough English Channel as a tribute to Neil Roberts.

Listen here to the Marathon Swim Story of John Doolittle

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