Thursday, May 19, 2022

Leslie Kenny: Hacking the Hallmarks of Aging with Autophagy

Leslie Kenny will present 'Hacking the Hallmarks of Aging with Autophagy' at the Biohacker Summit 2022 in Helsinki on June 3rd.

Kenny is a KAATSU Specialist with degrees from the University of California Berkeley and Harvard Business School, and the Founder and CEO of Oxford Healthspan and Co-Founder of the non-profit Oxford Longevity Project.

Kenny is an autoimmune survivor/thriver who will explain how she is bringing to consumers the latest scientifically-based molecules proven to slow the aging process. She is also the Co-Founder of the non-profit Oxford Longevity Project which aims to bring the latest scientific breakthroughs on healthy aging to the general public.

At Oxford University, she learned about a natural compound called spermidine that is found in natto, a traditional Japanese food that she had grown up with. Spermidine was showing great promise supporting health as we age. The science was compelling - one scientist even called it 'an anti-aging vitamin' in a published scientific journal. She knew spermidine was safe, natural, and food-derived - and no one was interested in promoting it.

Her entrepreneurial bug took over and Primeadine® - a concentrated wheat germ extract containing 1 mg of supplemental, exogenous spermidine - is part of a growing number of people's anti-aging program. For more information on Primeadine®, visit here.

For more information on Kenny, visit here.

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