Saturday, February 4, 2023

Soreness, DOMS and KAATSU

New KAATSU users often ask if KAATSU protocols will help relieve or minimize muscle soreness from (non-KAATSU) exercise or work. They wonder if using KAATSU helps speeds the healing process.

The answer is yes if they follow the standard KAATSU Cycle recovery protocols as follows:

* Start doing Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets as soon as possible after the exercise or work that induces DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).
* Note: Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets gradually increase SKU pressures every 5 minutes. That is, use Low SKU pressure settings in the first few KAATSU Cycle sets; then proceed to Medium SKU pressure settings in the next few KAATSU Cycle sets; then proceed to High SKU pressure settings (if tolerable) in the last few KAATSU Cycle sets.
* It is important to do these Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets on both your arms and legs because the effects are systemic (impacting the whole body).
* Ideally, users cando 3-6 sets on their arms, followed by 3-6 sets on their legs. So, for example, experienced users do 1-2 sets on Low Pressure, 1-2 sets on Medium Pressure, 1-2 sets on High Pressure. Of course, users can modify this progression as is appropriate for them. That is, if High pressure is too high, then they can do additional Low and Medium Pressure sets. If Low pressure is too low for them (after the initial set), then they can move quickly to Medium pressure and High pressure. This Progression is a matter of personal preference and practical experience with KAATSU.
* Be very well hydrated before and during the Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets.

Users also ask if they can develop muscle soreness with KAATSU. They can, in numerous ways:

* Do a certain type of exercise for the first time with KAATSU equipment on. For example, older users who normally do not do Heel Raises occasionally complain about soreness in their calves when they do Heel Raises with KAATSU equipment on for the first time.
* Do not be well hydrated or well rested (e.g., jetlagged) while doing a longer (sustained), highly intense KAATSU session.
* Do KAATSU with heavy weights or the same level of resistance that they would do without KAATSU.
* Do intense body weights movements with KAATSU (e.g., burpees, running uphill, or running in soft sand at the beach, many push-ups, holding planks for sustained periods)
* Do KAATSU twice per day during the first week of KAATSU usage or at inappropriate high pressures.
* Do KAATSU with inadequate Capillary Refill Time (CRT). That is, never do KAATSU when your CRT on the hands or on the legs is slower than 3 seconds. This is an indication that arterial flow is being impeded - which is not a proper form of KAATSU.
* Never use the KAATSU Cycle mode while doing KAATSU.
* Never start off in the Low SKU pressure setting before starting a KAATSU session.
* Never do Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets as a form of warm-up.
* Do the KAATSU Constant mode after long periods of inactivity or immobility (e.g., after being bedridden with a serious injury), leading a sedentary lifestyle, after removing a cast, or coming off of rehabilitation while limited to a wheelchair.

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