Monday, February 12, 2024

How Long Should I Use KAATSU?

Many KAATSU users ask how long should they or can they use KAATSU.

The answer is, of course, it depends on the following:

* the amount of experience that you have with KAATSU. That is, if you are a new user, it is best to start off with only 1-2 KAATSU Cycle sets and never use the KAATSU Constant mode. Then, gradually, you can increase the number of KAATSU Cycle sets that you do to a maximum of 6 Cycle sets in a row.

* the intensity of exercise or movements that you do with your KAATSU equipment. That is, if you are sitting and relaxed, you can do more KAATSU Cycle sets, compared to it you are doing intense strength-training exercises, running, or cycling with KAATSU equipment on.

* the amount of SKU pressure that you use with your KAATSU equipment. That is, if you use a Low Pressure setting, you can do longer sessions (i.e., a greater number of KAATSU Cycle sets) compared to if you use a High Pressure setting.

Fundamentally, KAATSU usage should be gentle and gradual, focusing on the KAATSU Cycle mode - although some users want to really push themselves and do intense, vigorous exercises in the KAATSU Constant mode where their lactate levels and their rate of perceived exertion are maximized.

The KAATSU equipment (KAATSU C3, KAATSU C4, KAATSU B2) are designed to allow up to 6 consecutive KAATSU Cycle sets. This is roughly 40-50 minutes worth of KAATSU with intermittent breaks between each KAATSU Cycle set. When you are ready, these 6 sets can be done on both your arms, and then on your legs. This total duration, therefore, would be between 1 hour 20 minutes and 1 hour 50 minutes - which is most definitely on the upper limits of KAATSU duration.

However, there are some users who want to do more than this. In these extreme cases, we strongly recommend that users limit their KAATSU Cycle sets to 6 at one time on their arms and on their legs. Then, take a break of several hours and these extreme users can repeat their 6 arm sets and 6 leg sets. In other words, they can do a morning KAATSU session and then follow-up with a second KAATSU session in the late afternoon or evening session.

But, most importantly, the key recommendation is to do KAATSU daily (or frequently) rather than doing very long (1 hour 30+ minute) sessions only 2-3 times per week.

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  1. Normal strength training requires a couple of days rest, to restore the muscles.
    Can you do kaatsu daily for faster results, as the muscle fibers aren't damaged the same way?