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Healing from Broken Ribs - Rapid Bone Formation with KAATSU Cycle Sets

Chris Morgan competed in a Tough Mudder race in 2012. The 12-mile endurance event through the mud, hills, and a variety of obstacles in New Hampshire tested his spirit.

He enjoyed the challenge - until he smashed into rocks on the log hurdle obstacle.

"I knew immediately that I broke my ribs," the former Olympic coach who was coaching the Harvard University women's swim team at the time recalled. "I had broken my ribs many years before and the feeling was the same.

I immediately was bummed, but I also knew that a bone break could heal faster - much faster - by doing KAATSU Cycle sets. Basically, a bone is an aggregation of cells that are in a perpetual metabolic cycle of breakdown and rebuilding. I also knew that the more strongly a muscle is exercised, the stronger our bones become.

So I started doing a series of KAATSU Cycle sets morning, afternoon, and evening.

It was so efficient. I hurt to move, but it did not hurt to do KAATSU Cycles on my arms and on my legs.

At the time, I was learning KAATSU from an experienced KAATSU Specialist from Japan who worked side-by-side with Dr. Sato. He encouraged me to do repeated KAATSU Cycle sets. At the time, it was a stretch of imagination to think that the repeated compression and decompression phases of the KAATSU AirBands would actually lead to an increase in bone alkali phosphatase (BAP) levels and a concurrent suppression of bone resorption (destruction of bone via lowering of N-telopeptide of type I collagen).

I knew that osteoblasts are involved in bone formation - and that these are regulatd by hormones and cytokines. Essentially, the bone remodeling encourages proliferation of the osteoclasts - and the calcitonin serves to suppress bone resorption.

In this way, KAATSU enhanced my body's ability to turnover old bone by replacing it with new. The new bone formation is also enhanced by KAATSU's production of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) which, in turn, induces blood vessel formation in the bone.

By doing repeated KAATSU Cycles, I literally felt much better, much more quickly than I had felt years before in my previous rib injury.

This was confirmed when I visited the Harvard University Athletic Department and got my ribs x-rayed again. The technician said to me, 'It seems that you broke your ribs some years ago. I can see remnants of an old rib break.'

I smiled and told him, 'No, that injury just occurred 6 days ago.'"

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