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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Matthew Torres Wins Bronze In 400m S8 Freestyle At 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

Matthew Torres won a bronze medal in the 400m S8 freestyle at the Tokyo Paralympic Games on August 31st.

Swimming against his American teammate and fellow Paralympic medalist and KAATSU user, Matthew Torres, a 20-year-old sophomore from Fairfield University, finished strongly to win bronze in the 400m S8 freestyle race at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

It was his first Paralympic medal finishing in 4:28.47 where he battled Andrei Nikolaev from the Russian Olympic Committee and Italy’s Alberto Amodeo. He dropped his time of 4:31.77 from the preliminary heats. Torres previously competed in the 100m S8 backstroke S8 in 1:14.03, but did not qualify for the finals.

Gold: Andrei Nikolaev (Russia) 4:25.16
Silver: Alberto Amodeo (Italy) 4:25.93
Matthew Torres (USA) 4:28.47
4th: Haijiao XU (China) 4:29.93
5th: Robert Griswold (USA) 4:31.96
6th: Caio Amorim Muniz de Oliveira (Brazil) 4:35.16
7th: Inigo Llopis Sanz (Spain) 4:45.69
8th: Ben Popham (Australia) 4:49.32

Torres joins his fellow KAATSU users Robert Griswold and Jamal Hill as Paralympic medalists in Tokyo. "All three KAATSU users at the Tokyo Paralympics ended up medaling, which is very cool. Their adoption of KAATSU is why these three athletes are always looking for ways to help themselves take their performances to another level," said Steven Munatones.

Upper photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images. Lower photo taken at their pre-Paralympic training camp in Tokyo.

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