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Friday, December 20, 2019

Global Travels With The KAATSU Cycle 2.0

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, travelers
For what? Jet lag, insomnia, recovery

A flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo - and back - on the same day can be tough. Steven Munatones explains what he does to avoid jet lag.

It happens rarely, but when such a tough intercontinental business trip becomes a necessity, there is a clever and convenient biohack.

Functioning normally and recovering well from such a quick transpacific business trip turnaround is doable and reasonable when accompanied with proper hydration and the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 unit throughout the period of travel. For example, I take the following schedule on this quick turnaround:

Stage 1: 1-hour drive to LAX from home + 2-hour wait in LAX
Stage 2: 1-hour flight from LAX to San Francisco + SFO transit time
Stage 3: 10-hour flight from SFO to Tokyo arriving at 2:45 pm
Stage 4: A full slate of business meetings in Tokyo until 10 pm
Stage 5: 10-hour flight returning from Tokyo to LAX, departing Tokyo at 12 midnight
Stage 6: Transit through U.S. Customs + 1+ hour drive home

The business trip starts at 4:30 am on my home on Day 1 (e.g., Sunday) and ends around 6:30 pm on Day 2 (e.g., Monday) for a total of 38 non-stop hours of ground and air transportation via car, airplane, monorail, subway, taxi and train combined with several business meetings in different locations throughout Tokyo.

It is important to get a good night's sleep the day before this trip starts. This is best accomplished by doing 3-5 KAATSU Cycles within an hour of going to bed the night before.

During the transpacific flight from California to Tokyo, I do 2 or 3 sessions of Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets on my arms in the economy-class seats. The economy-class seats are too narrow to comfortably use the KAATSU Cycle sets on my legs because I feel that I am bothering passengers on either side of me while putting on and taking off the bands. If I get upgraded to business class, however, there is plenty of room on the much wider seats to do KAATSU Cycle sets on my legs without bothering anyone.

I watch movies or work on my laptop while the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 unit automatically takes me through several Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets. Before each KAATSU session, I make sure that I am very well-hydrated - and never use the KAATSU Constant mode.

These sessions are usually done before the first on-board meal, during mid-flight, and/or after the second on-board meal.

After I land and get through Customs in Tokyo, I feel it is best to take a quick shower at the airport and then set off for a full day of business meetings and meals. During the meetings, I do KAATSU Cycle sets which helps me get through the day. Admittedly, I get tired towards the evening, but after a KAATSU session, I am reinvigorated. The KAATSU Cycle 2.0 unit is so quiet and unobtrusive that doing KAATSU Cycles during a business meeting presents no interruption to our discussions.

But I get through the work portion of the trip without any problems. I do one last KAATSU Cycle set in the Tokyo airport before I board the return flight home - and this usually enables me to nap a very solid 2-3 hours.

I may do one more KAATSU session in the airplane as it heads toward landing in LAX - enough to give me that last boost for the car ride home. By the time, I get home 38 hours after I started, I am ready for bed - and can start the next day early as usual without missing a beat or feeling fatigued.

The entire turnaround would have been way, way too physically exhausting without the Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets.

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