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Monday, November 2, 2015

KAATSU At Medica Medicine & Sports Conference

The primary objective of the 3rd MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE in Düsseldorf, Germany is to offer an interdisciplinary exchange between international sports medicine experts, professional athletes, and the sporting goods and healthcare industries.

KAATSU equipment and KAATSU protocols will be exhibited and explained in Messe Düsseldorf.

"We will have two locations present in Medica," explains Sean Whalen, the founder of AlterG and head of KAATSU's European operations. "We will exhibit the latest KAATSU gear together with our German partners Pullsh Active in the K-Active Europe booth in Medica's Main Hall 4, B29 between November 16th and 19th.

People can see demonstrations and learn about the latest developments and technology in the field of blood flow moderation training.

KAATSU has over 40 years of research and experience in this field, being the inventors of the technique 4 decades ago. Scientists, academics, coaches, physios and physicians can learn how to bring KAATSU to the market and their clients, athletes and customers. With hundreds of thousands of people per day using KAATSU, it is the only truly proven safe and effective implementation for this revolutionary technique

Additionally, Dr James Stray-Gundersen will present a detailed talk at the Congress Center South, Conference Room 2, Messe Dusseldorf called “Blood Flow Moderation Training in High-performance Sports Therapy and Recovery” on November 18th between 2:25 and 5:00 pm.

Whalen continues, "KAATSU will also be exhibited in the Sports Medicine private section where demonstrations of the latest KAATSU protocols ad equipment will be held inside Conference Room 2."

For more information and registration, visit here.

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