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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

KAATSU For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

For who? Baby Boomers, white collar employees, blue collar employees, aestheticians, dentists, drivers, carpenters
For what? Rehabilitation, recovery, relief, functional movement, mobility

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that leads to numbness, tingling, or weakness in your hands and arms. It often occurs because of repetitive hand motions (e.g., typing) and can be painful and certainly disconcerting and uncomfortable.

There are no proven strategies to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, but according to the Mayo Clinic, those who are afflicted with this condition can try:

* Reducing your force and relaxing your grip at work
* Take short, frequent breaks and gently stretch and periodically bend your hands and wrists.
* Alternate tasks whenever possible.
* Modify the movement of your fingers, wrist and hand.
* Improve your posture.
* Change to a more comfortable computer mouse.
* Keep your hands warm.

KAATSU presents an additional and alternative solution that have been appreciated by many.

KAATSU Cycles on the KAATSU Master 2.0, KAATSU Cycle 2.0, KAATSU Nano, KAATSU C3 or KAATSU B1 models can be done up to 3 sessions per day. An ideal schedule would be to do in the morning before going to work and while you prepare for work as you get ready, drink coffee, eat breakfast or catch up on the daily news. Also, later in the afternoon and once again in the evening before going to bed.

During each of your KAATSU sessions, you can do up to 6 KAATSU Cycles on your arms - and a similar number of KAATSU Cycles on your legs.

There is no need to do vigorous exercises or work intensely with KAATSU Air Bands on in order to help alleviate your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Movement and specific exercises are optional. However, wearing KAATSU Air Bands while doing KAATSU Cycles and moving gently is optimal - including going for a simple walk or doing stretches. But movements that your physical therapist recommends, while using the KAATSU Air Bands, are best.

* Be well hydrated before and during KAATSU.
* Start off with very low (conservative) SKU pressures and very gradually increase pressure (SKU).
* There is no need to push yourself too hard or use too high pressure in the beginning. Take it easy and take it slowly.
* Always have a pinker or redder tone to your skin than normal - this indicates blood pooling in your limbs during KAATSU which is one of the key goals.

Similar to individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome, the same protocols can be used with those individuals with similar discomfort, paralysis, lack of movement, or painful movement in their fingers, hands and wrists.

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