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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Ryan Ballance, A Lifesaver

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, student-athletes, lifeguard
For what? Strength, stamina, functional movement, mobility, flexibility, recovery

Courtesy of Mayor Bob Whalen, Laguna Beach, California.

Ryan Ballance [standing on the right] is a retired fireman and an experienced waterman originally from Long Beach, California. He is a regular KAATSU Nano user on dryland and uses KAATSU Aqua Bands in the water.

Throughout 25 years of his stellar firefighting career in Florida, the former All-American water polo player helped numerous people in all kinds of situations.

Upon his retirement on the firefighting force, he moved back to Southern California - and continues to save lives.

He made his second lifesaving rescue in less than a year. His first save was with a cardiac arrest victim on the shores of Laguna Beach. His latest safe was in the city's swimming pool with another cardiac emergency.

The City of Laguna Beach honored Ballance with a proclamation:

Whereas, On February 25, 2019, Ryan Ballance successfully rescued a drowning swimmer at the High School and Community Pool; and

Whereas, Ballance is a Pool Lifeguard for the City of Laguna Beach, bound by a duty to act while carrying out his job responsibilities; and

Whereas, The Community Services department prides itself on its tradition of providing exceptional service to its residents; and

Whereas, Ballance responded quickly and professionally, and displayed a high degree of skill and expertise in his life-saving actions; and

Whereas, The swimmer made a full recovery with no lasting heart or brain damage thanks to Ballance's efforts.

Now, therefore, The City Council of the City of Laguna Beach, congratulates and recognizes, on behalf of the entire community, Ballance's excellent work and successful rescue and resuscitation...congratulations!

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