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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Organizational Use Of KAATSU

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, student-athletes
For what? Strength, stamina, functional movement, mobility, flexibility, recovery

In an organizational setting of KAATSU where there are many (over 20 individuals) doing KAATSU at the same time, in the same location, and with strict time limitations (e.g., at a military base or with an athletic team), KAATSU Global recommends the following protocols for KAATSU Group Lessons:

* Each individual is first taught the proper location of the KAATSU Air Bands on their arms and legs and their safe Base SKU pressure.
* Each individual is taught how to check their Capillary Refill Time (CRT).
* Each individual is taught how to warm-up and warm-down and rehabilitate with the KAATSU Cycle mode.
* Each individual is taught how to find their own Optimal SKU pressure - that will gradually change over time and vary between different exercises and activities (e.g., isometric versus aerobic exercises).
* The leaders or coaches confirm each individual has a complete comprehension of the above.
* During the KAATSU Group Lessons, each individual is responsible for constantly checking the CRT of their individual (or teammate to their right) if they are simultaneously doing the same activities.
* The leaders or coaches are responsible for reviewing everyone's CRT on a random basis.
* The KAATSU Air Band sets can be shared for efficiency. Half of the group can use the bands on their arms while the other half of the group uses the bands on their legs.
* If some individuals can do vastly more repetitions than their peers, then the leader or coach can ask those with greater abilities to slow down the pace of their repetitions and contract their muscles in the positive and negative directions.
* If the leaders are coaches have very specific training sets (e.g., push-ups or core work or sprints), specific Optimal SKU levels may be varied (100-500 SKU) in order to accommodate the different capabilities of each individual.
* KAATSU should be done on both legs and arms, and in the cases where there are significant differences between the strength or abilities of one limb versus the other limb, the Optimal SKU levels can be set differently for each limb.
* More frequent use of KAATSU will lead to an increased elasticity of veins and capillaries.

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