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Monday, April 15, 2019

The Body's Healing Capabilities: KAATSU Self-Care Protocols

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, student-athletes
For what? self-care, Strength, stamina, functional movement, mobility, flexibility, recovery

Day 1 and Day 7 Photos
Before and after photos of a young female's toes - one week of doing daily KAATSU protocols, 20 minutes per day

Day 4 and Day 9 Photos
Before and after photos of a young female's toes after doing the daily KAATSU protocols, 20 minutes per day

KAATSU Master Specialist David Tawil utilizes the KAATSU Cycle on his handheld KAATSU Nano for a wide variety of purposes, from increasing the range of motion and strength for paraplegics to improving the muscular strength of Olympic athletes. He does this utilizing the KAATSU Cycle mode on a daily basis with individual sessions no longer than 20 minutes each. The efficiency and efficacy of his protocols are unheard of.

Tawil also utilizes the KAATSU Cycle to help the body heal itself of unsightly problems as varied as improving and eliminating toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus is an infection that gets in through cracks in the nail or cuts in the skin. The toenails change color or become thicker while it can cause pain. Because toes are often warm and damp, fungus grows well there. Different kinds of fungi and sometimes yeast affect different parts of the nail.

"The photos above show the progress Victoria is experiencing with her toenail fungus," Tawil explained. "When I first started the KAATSU Cycle Self-Care Protocols, she had fungus, ingrowths, dead skin, facia and overall stagnation. After treating comfortably and easily over the last few weeks, she is now enjoying stretchy new skin.

We combined KAATSU Cycles with coconut oil, oregano, magnesium and salt for their antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antibiotic properties.

While doing KAATSU Cycles with the KAATSU Nano, we gently stretched the toe, her skin, the ankle joint, and her overall foot. We also gave her a magnesium and salt bath for additional antiseptic properties that enabled her local muscles to relax. This combination initially led to a total removal of stagnation that stopped the fungus in its path. She moisturized her skin with oils and greatly improved the blood circulation with KAATSU Cycles.

Concurrently, she continued to flex and stretch her toes, feet and ankles and kept her feet and toes clean. We could have also added the standard KAATSU 3-point Leg Protocols (e.g., Heel Raises + Leg Curls + Quarter Squats) if she had wanted, but these exercises are entirely optional.

In summary, the KAATSU Cycle Self-Care Protocol is simple: essentially, clean, hydrate, oxygenate with KAATSU Cycles.

The result was the elimination of edema (swelling was reduced via KAATSU), no more curling of the toenails with oil, magnesium, salt, toenail clippers, and the elimination of fungus with KAATSU, antiseptics, and good hygiene

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