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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Warming Up And Warming Down With KAATSU

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, student-athletes
For what? mobility, flexibility, recovery

KAATSU is well-known to help build muscle mass and girth. But this is only one single aspect, one athletic perspective, one possible benefit, and one resultant outcome of KAATSU.

There are some athletic activities that need only a greater range of motion or increased strength or improved performance - and do not desire greater muscle mass or girth. Similarly, some individuals do not wish to gain muscle mass or muscle girth - they prefer improved muscle tone or improved BMI.

In these cases, the KAATSU Cycle is an ideal application of KAATSU.

The KAATSU Cycle should be done before every KAATSU session as an ideal warm-up protocol. You can start off at your usual Base SKU pressure and a conservative Optimal SKU pressure. Stretch while the KAATSU Air Bands are inflated and rest while the bands are deflated. Then increase your Optimal SKU pressure on the second (and subsequent) KAATSU Cycles. For example, you can start with a Base SKU of 20 and an Optimal SKU of 200 SKU on the first KAATSU Cycle (that takes 3 minutes 20 seconds).

Then you can increase the Optimal SKU to 250 SKU and 300 SKU respectively on the subsequent KAATSU Cycles. Continue to stretch or do other warm-up exercises as appropriate to your sport or activity.

Then, a few KAATSU Cycles can be repeated at the end of your KAATSU session or after your workout is over. First, do a complete release of the KAATSU Air Bands and get well-hydrated. Then re-apply the KAATSU Air Bands and do a few KAATSU Cycles. But in this case, you can slightly lower your Base SKU and use a lower Optimal SKU pressure to help flush out the lactic acid that may have built up during your workout.

You can walk or do simple stretching while you do the warm-down KAATSU Cycles that will help mitigate undesired muscle growth and increased girth.

The use of KAATSU Cycle is a safe and effective engorgement of blood in the limbs. A warm-up or warm-down while moving (e.g., walking or stretching) in such a physiological state will lead to improved preparation for vigorous training or greater efficiency in flushing out lactic acid that has built up.

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