Sunday, March 13, 2016

KAATSU Benefits For Powerlifters

Giancarlo Mavrici quickly realized the benefits of KAATSU

The 22-year-old powerlifter from Germany set a new national junior deadlift record in November 2015. The 94 kg powerlifter hoisted 307.5 kg.

Five months later in March 2016, Mavrici increased his deadlift performance to 320 kg while shedding 2 kg of body weight. His improvement was credited to his use of KAATSU training.

But his improvement was not limited to his deadlift. During the same period, he also improved his squat best from 275 kg to 300 kg.

His key?

Mavrici uses a KAATSU Nano to recover from his strenuous competitions.

"After a deloading period with KAATSU Training, he comes back more refreshed and stronger because KAATSU does not create muscle damage," explained Robert Heiduk.

"KAATSU leads to high levels of muscle activation. It’s very good at inducing hypertrophy with potential in many different settings ranging from rehabilitation and regular exercise to sport specific training."

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  2. KAATSU Air Bands are not tourniquets. In fact, Delfi tested and researched KAATSU Air Bands and found that even at the maximum pressure, KAATSU Air Bands do not occlude arterial blood flow. So without occlusion, arterial flow easily continues into the arms and legs - this is why KAATSU is safe and has the exact opposite effect of tourniquets. Tourniquets are designed to stop (arterial) blood flow. KAATSU Air Bands enables continuous arterial flow from the torso to the arms and legs.