Monday, July 1, 2019

David Weinstein On The Python Protocol On The Primalosophy Podcast

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, student-athletes
For what? Strength, stamina, functional movement, mobility, flexibility, recovery

Photo courtesy of CEOCFO Magazine.

Our goal is to awaken human potential by sharing precise effective tools and methods to maximize the health, happiness and performance of people who want to realize their potential," explains David Weinstein of LifeForceIQ.

Weinstein is a successful investment banker with an entrepreneurial DNA in the fields of medicine and biotechnology from Boca Raton, Florida. He had pushed himself hard in business, experiencing its negative effects after he turned 50. He knew he had to transform himself in order to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He explained his mission and his Python Protocol (includes physical vitality + mental clarity + stress reduction + sleep & recovery) that utilizes KAATSU here on the Primalosophy Podcast. For more information about Weinstein and his LifeforceIQ, visit here.

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