Wednesday, July 10, 2019

KAATSU Effect On Total Knee Replacement

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees
For what? mobility, flexibility, recovery

Repeated KAATSU Cycles can help enhance the body's natural healing process.

These five periodically taken photographs show the rapid recovery of the sutures and skin on a 49-year-old patient who had total knee replacement surgery.

The patient repeated KAATSU Cycles (3 minutes 20 seconds of increased pressure) in the morning and evenings as he integrated KAATSU to his regularly scheduled physical therapy.

"One thing that we have seen time and time again is how quickly the skin and wound heals," says Steven Munatones. "The skin around the wound can heal so quickly with repeated KAATSU Cycles that the skin grows over the sutures - much faster than what is normally expected by physicians.

This can cause an unanticipated post-surgical issue if the skin grows over the sutures. When physicians schedule the normal removal of the sutures, patients utilizing regular KAATSU Cycles will often experience faster than normal healing of wounds and incisions. So, a patient should inform their attending physician of this phenomenon


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