Wednesday, June 1, 2022

NFL Trainers KAATSU Playbook - Increasing Vertical Leap

KAATSU is an ideal way to increase your vertical leap and explosive power.

KAATSU can be performed daily - even twice daily - to enable your body to catch a pass, block a field goal, pressure a quarterback, or evade a defender. Using the protocols below, explosiveness, acceleration, agility, and vertical leap can be improved.


> Do 1-3 Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets on your arms, starting at low pressure and building up to high pressure. These warm-up sets can be performed while doing something else (e.g., drills, relaxing between plays, strength training).

> Do 3-6 Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets on your legs, starting at low pressure and building up to high pressure. You can stretch, warm-up, walk, or begin jumping.

> Inflate to an optimal pressure and untether (remove) the KAATSU Air Bands from the KAATSU equipment. Start the KAATSU Constant mode, using a moderate to high pressure.

> Begin vertical leap drills with the KAATSU Air Bands in the KAATSU Constant mode.

> As you begin to tire and your vertical leap begins to decrease and your technique begins to deteriorate, remove the KAATSU Air Bands and rest, relax, and hydrate.

> Very importantly, the KAATSU vertical leap drill is not finished even if the KAATSU Air Bands from your legs are removed. A robust hormonal response (of HGH) continues for up to 15 minutes.

> After your rest, continue the vertical leap drills without the KAATSU Air Bands. Measure and compare to your lifetime best leaps.

> Continue this throughout the season.

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