Thursday, June 2, 2022

NFL Trainers KAATSU Playbook - Travel Fatigue Mitigation

Recovery from jet lag or travel fatigue can be addressed with repeated KAATSU Cycle sets.

The applications of KAATSU Cycle sets while sitting or relaxing in long-distance, multiple time zone travel has significant implications for athletes.

Using any KAATSU model (e.g., KAATSU C3, KAATSU B1) and KAATSU Air Bands, athletes can do Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets, always starting at low pressure, and then subsequently increasing in higher SKU pressures.

The recommended protocols for optimal benefits whether in airplanes, trains, private vehicles, or buses, include:
> Be well hydrated before and during KAATSU Cycle sets.
> Start off in lowest SKU pressure setting - gradually and slowly increase the pressure.
> Sit or relax comfortably while doing KAATSU Cycle sets.
> Gently and repeatedly do simple exercises or movements; no need to do vigorous or intense movements.
> Enjoy the view, watch movies, read books or talk with friends and family while enjoying KAATSU.

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