Monday, September 4, 2023

KAATSU Users on An Open Water Swimmer's Podcast

William Ellis, the co-founder and host of An Open Water Swimmer's Podcast, recently completed a 65 km Round Jersey solo circumnavigation swim in 9 hours 52 minutes. His September 2nd swim was the eighth fastest time in history.

Ellis previously interviewed two other KAATSU users in on the podcast that is listed as the #1 UK Swimming Podcast on Chartable. Ellis, Steven Munatones, and John Doolittle all utilize the KAATSU C3 model for recovery after their swimming workouts:

2.5 An Open Water Swimmer's Podcast with John Doolittle - listen here
Ellis described the episode, "I was honoured to chat to former Navy Seal John Doolittle. John swam The English Channel in memory of his friend Neil Roberts who was the first Seal killed in combat after 911; John continues to raise money for fallen and injured servicemen and their families through swimming. We chat about all sorts on this one including shallow water blackouts, hammerhead breeding grounds and boxing Eagle Rays... a man who has been around the world many times over as a special forces operative, seen it and done it: and what a lovely bloke to top it all off."

3.3 An Open Water Swimmer's Podcast with Steven Munatones - listen here
Ellis describe the episode, "I so enjoyed this talk with the legendary Steven Munatones: he has written about the sport since the 60’s and is one of the most influential people in the world of Open Water Swimming. He founded the World Open Water Swimming Association, the Oceans Seven and is a marathon swimmer, water polo player, commentator, race director, coach and recent winner of the annual SCAR race held in Arizona (more of that in the chat). He needs no introduction to anyone connected to the sport. It’s an honour to welcome him onto the show."

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