Saturday, September 30, 2023

Differences between the KAATSU B1 and KAATSU B2 Models

The new KAATSU B2 model has a number of features that are upgrades from the original KAATSU B1 model:

* The KAATSU B2 model has a longer battery life (leads to fewer charges).

* The KAATSU B2 model has a faster inflation time (leads to improved battery life and usage; reduces inactive time between sets).

* The KAATSU B2 model includes improved components (leads to a longer overall product life).

* The KAATSU B2 bands are improved in quality.

* The KAATSU B2 model has a new Reverse Recovery Cycle mode (i.e., higher pressure levels decrease to lower pressure levels, both at standard and customizable levels).

* The KAATSU B1 and B2 app is renamed KAATSU Connect with improved app accuracy (of SKU, time of inflation, mode selection of individual usage data).

* The KAATSU B2 model has a new dock that allows for more vigorous movements and intense exercise to be performed without connector or band failure (no possibility of breakage of B1 connectors).

* The KAATSU B2 model is quieter with a lower decibel level during the inflation phase.

* The KAATSU B2 model has automatic beeps can be turned on or off, as user prefers.

* The KAATSU B2 model uses Bluetooth 5.0 on either the iOS or Android platform.

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