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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Laura Wilkinson Flying Gracefully Through The Air

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, military veterans, competitive athletes
For what? rehabilitation, recovery, muscle tone

One of the most remarkable athletes around the world who utilizes KAATSU is Laura Wilkinson. Her comebacks are legendary in the global diving community. The Olympic gold medalist diver from Houston, Texas is a 43-year-old mother of four young children.

Her tenacity, passion and dedication have continued throughout her life.

Early on during her teenage years, Wilkinson was told that she was too old to start a new sport and was later kicked off her high school team because they thought she was a "waste of space". She had major surgery on her neck in 2020 to repair damage to discs injured by her diving career - but her Olympic dreams continue.

Remarkably, Wilkinson remains at the top of her game and as strong and sharp as ever despite her injuries and most recent surgery [see above doing a 10-meter platform dive]. Wilkinson is the first woman to win the three major diving world titles. While the Houston native and motivational speaker initially retired in 2008, she returned to competition in 2017 and is currently training for a fourth Olympic Games at The Woodlands Diving Academy in Texas.

"Within two days of starting KAATSU I noticed relief from a lingering tricep injury that was impacting my ability to dive at my full potential. What started as a tool to aid in recovery has grown into a way to help build strength and endurance. KAATSU has made me feel strong again diving off the 10-meter platform," she explained.

The velocity in which she hits the water is tremendous - and her arms take the shock upon entry. At the age of 43 and doing repeated dives during competitions, the stress on her arms and upper body is off the charts - even for her competitors who are less than half her age.

But, by doing KAATSU Cycles before and during the competition, she remains a strong contender - and a reminder that Olympic swimmer Dara Torres also found her way onto the Olympic podium at the age of 41 in her fifth Olympics.

Wilkinson's movements and therapy are primarily done while using the Progressive KAATSU Cycle mode - always starting off with lower pressures and building up to higher pressures. Fundamentally, her movements are simple and include the KAATSU 3-Point Exercises as well as stretching. Additionally, she also uses her KAATSU Air Bands while doing activities at home while she is with her children and husband Eriek Hulseman.

To learn more information about Wilkinson's deep-seated drive and belief in herself and her dreams, visit

To listen to her Pursuit of Gold Podcast and her conversations with elite and Olympic athletes, sports professionals, coaches, and experts tht unlock the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tools that shape the whole athlete and generate peak performance, visit here.

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