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Sunday, February 27, 2022

KAATSU Helps the Healing of Hands of Hard Work

If you have hands of hard work or gym hands, you are often faced with raw, dry skin often with calluses and blisters. Your hands can get dry, itchy, irritated, painful, and, in some cases, embarrassing or debilitated.

Whether you workout in a gym, rock climb, row, ride, do gymnastics, play musical instruments, or use your hands in your daily work in construction, all your repeated hard work can cause cause pain, discomfort, and inflammation in the skin of your hands as well as strain on its ligaments and tendons.

While your child, partner or other family members appreciate your hard work, they undoubtedly prefer a smoother, softer, more tender touch when you place your calloused and blistered hands on them - out of their love, care and appreciation for you.

KAATSU allows you to achieve both: continue hard work and tender loving care of your hands and skin.

In the same way that KAATSU can immediately help with reducing the red marks of cupping (see here), the reduction of inflammation and pain from getting tattoos (see here), a remarkably fast recovery from surgical incisions (see here), tendinitis (see here), carpal tunnel syndrome (see here), and broken toes (see here), KAATSU can help keep your hands and fingers smoother, softer, more tender no matter what your sport or profession is.

The key is to do KAATSU Cycle sets (on a KAATSU B1, KAATSU C3, KAATSU Cycle 2.0, KAATSU M3, KAATSU Master 2.0, or KAATSU Nano) before and after your workout or work session.

With KAATSU Air Bands on your upper arms in the KAATSU Cycle mode, you can automatically apply progressively, incrementally, and repeatedly higher pressures.

This protocol starts from the point of a very gentle pressure to the point where the tiny capillaries in your fingers, hands and wrists are fully engorged with blood.

This process of pressure on for 30 seconds and then pressure off for 5 seconds - performed automatically with KAATSU equipment - kickstarts curative biochemical reactions in your body.

As the vascular tissue is engorged with blood and then released, there is a cascade of plasmalogens, ceramides, and growth hormone that is naturally produced. These help heal the stress that is placed on your hands and fingers. The process also enables the increased elasticity of the vascular tissue in your hands that augment this healing process.

Photo on left shows a black KAATSU C3 model

Photo above shows the difference in color of the skin and the distension of the veins that indicate the engorgement of blood in the vascular tissue on the right where the KAATSU Air Band is placed on the upper arm

Key Points
o Do KAATSU Cycle sets first on your arms (and then on your legs, if you have time) for optimal systemic results.
o Do between 3-6 KAATSU Cycle sets on your arms for optimal systemic results.
o Ideally, do KAATSU Cycle sets before and after each workout or work time, but if you have less time, do it afterwards for best results. Optimally, do KAATSU Cycle sets before and after, and then once again within an hour of going to bed.
o Start with a low pressure and build up to higher pressures during each KAATSU session.
o Relax, sit down, chill out, or do light stretching or casual walking or isometric exercises during the KAATSU Cycle sets on your arms.
o Ideally, the skin of your fingers and toes should get pinker or redder (a beefy red) as you do the KAATSU Cycle sets. You want the blood engorgement in the veins and capillaries of your hands.
o There is no need to use the KAATSU Constant mode. In fact, the KAATSU Cycle mode is better. You especialy want the flush of waste products after each workout or work session.

Reoovery Protocols
1. Manually tighten your KAATSU Air Bands on your upper arms below your deltoids by your armpits and above your biceps and triceps (shown below).

2. Begin the KAATSU Cycle sets by starting in the LOW pressure setting. Each KAATSU Cycle set will take about 5 minutes. You can keep the pressure at LOW pressure settings if it feels good or increase to MEDIUM or HIGH pressure settings on the subsequent sets, if you wish.

o Note 1: Even if the first KAATSU Cycle set does not feel tight enough, it is perfectly acceptable to start at the LOW pressure.

o Note 2: As a workout finisher, you can do the KAATSU 3-Point Exercises while sitting down (Hand Grips, Biceps Curls, Triceps Extensions), performed slowly and with maximum muscle contraction.

3. Remove the KAATSU Air Bands from your arms and rehydrate. Then apply the KAATSU Air Bands on your legs.

4. Similar to your arms, you can relax, sit down, chill out, or do light stretching or casual walking, or isometric exercises during the KAATSU Cycle sets with the KAATSU Air Bands on your legs.

Therapeutic Protocols

o Do the following exercises slowly and deliberately with the KAATSU Air Bands on your arms.

o If you feel any numbness or pain during or after exercising, stop immediately and contact your therapist or physician.

o As you do the progressive KAATSU Cycle sets, you can see your fingers and hands get pinker or redder. In some cases, the vascular tissue may be so engorged that your hands may even have a purple hue.

Sample Range-of-motion Movements

o You can slowly open and close your hands. Try to widely stretch your fingers as far as possible, performed either deliberately or casually.

o You can gently bend and move your fingers or even tap out text messages your phone or write emails on a laptop.

o You can do any kind of wrist extension and flexion exercises.

o You can do extend your arms out from your body and then slowly and repeatedly twist your arms clockwise and counterclockwise (arm supination and pronation. That is, when your palms or forearms face up, they ar supinated. When your palms or forearms face down, they are pronated). o You can also do this arm supination and pronation while your arms are down by your side.

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