Thursday, April 19, 2018

74-year-old Tap Nixon On KAATSU, Day 6

74-year-old Tap Nixon, a former basketball player, hurt his left shoulder that has restricted his range of motion and eliminated his ability to shoot basketballs. He also used a cane to help him limp along since he had two hip replacements and one revision on his left leg and torn his Achilles heel.

He talks about the effects of KAATSU on his lower and upper body after today's KAATSU session.

He did his first 15-minute session of KAATSU on April 9th, a second 15-minute session on April 11th, a third 15-minute session on April 12th, a fourth 20-minute session on April 17th, a fifth session on April 18th, and a sixth session on April 19th 2018.

He did 5 KAATSU Cycles (totaling 15 minutes) on the KAATSU Master device using KAATSU Air Bands at a Base SKU pressure of 30 SKU and an Optimal Pressure of 280 SKU on his arms. He added two KAATSU Cycles on his legs of 35 Base SKU and 320 Optimal SKU on his legs: during the first Cycle, he did heel raises; during the second Cycle, he did Standing Leg Curls while he held onto the back of a chair for balance.

During the KAATSU Cycles on his arms, he did the standard KAATSU 3-Point Exercises (Hand Clenches + Biceps Curls + Triceps Extensions) while the pressure was on and he rested while the pressure was off. He used squeeze balls during the Hand Clenches and simply contracted or stretched his muscles during the remaining KAATSU Cycles.

When the KAATSU Air Bands were on his legs during the first KAATSU Cycle, he sat and did Heel Raises. During the second KAATSU Cycle, he focused on standing on one leg while bringing his heel to his buttocks on his other leg. He did 4 repetitions with this left leg and then 4 repetitions on his right leg as he commented that he really felt his legs being worked on for the first time in years.

His improved range of motion of his left shoulder is markedly significant from Day One and he no longer uses his cane to walk. He explains his effects above.

For his full progression over these last two weeks, visit here.

For an explanation on what is happening physiologically, click here.

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