Thursday, March 18, 2021

KAATSU Supple Launches In Japan

For who? Baby Boomers, stay-at-home mothers, retirees, stay-at-home employees
For what? Strength, stamina, functional movement, mobility, flexibility, warm-up, recovery, stress relief, KAATSU Cycle

When Japanese KAATSU Instructor Ayumi Oikubo visited the United States before the COVID-19 pandemic, she noticed that KAATSU Global was encouraging its users to do KAATSU anywhere and anytime.

Upon her return to Tokyo, Oikubo launched her new service called the KAATSU Online Studio ( that is designed for women. She explains, "They can do KAATSU anywhere and anytime in a short time. They like to improve their lack of exercise, their poor blood circulation, and any disease specific to women.

Our mission is to enable Japanese women to become more healthy and more beautiful. We would also like to improve the Japanese gender gap (Japan’s gender gap is ranked 121st among 153 countries). Many Japanese women have to raise their children without any help from their husband in Japan. Frankly, it is so difficult to get any free time for themselves. And it is difficult to return to work, so they can't help but feel they aren't needed by society. We want to indirectly improve this situation by our KAATSU Supple service that enables these women to efficiently receive KAATSU guidance in short time periods while they are able to communicate with adults.

This way, they become better at improving their health, losing weight, and improving their mental frame of mind. Our clients are getting better, becoming more positive, and feel happier because of this service. I want them to be strong as a woman.

Our customers can select either a one-time payment or separate payments. The price of ¥18,000/month plus the cost of the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 enables them to do 4 personal training sessions with an online KAATSU Instructor

For more information, visit KAATSU Supple on Instagram, Twitter and a variety of media here.

Oikubo's KAATSU Studio is SuAi (スアイ)with an Instagram account here.

The KAATSU Instructors in the SuAi KAATSU Studio clude Oikubo Ayumi (おいくぼ あゆみ), Iwasa Kaori (岩佐 香), Kuwahara Hazuki (桑原 葉月), Maeda Mai (前田 舞), Asari Miku (浅利 未来), Dewa Rika (出羽 理画), Ishida Manami (石田 愛美), Kaiko Miyu (開高 みゆ), and Onodera Shoko (小野寺 祥子).

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