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World-class Speed And Strength With KAATSU

For who? Bobsledders, competitive athletes, Olympic athletes, professional athletes
For what? Strength, speed, functional movement, mobility, flexibility, technical movements, technique

Robert Heiduk [shown on left] is a German sports scientist and the author of KAATSU - The Pressure Training From Japan. He is also a highly sought-after consultant for Google and PPG Industries, and many world-class athletes from powerlifters to bobsledders. Sprinters, middle-distance athletes, and distance specialists train differently, have different bodies, workout plans, and mindsets. This is true in running, swimming, cycling, speed skating and many different types of winter sports.

But, as Heiduk teaches, all athletes can effectively and efficiently use the 3 basic applications of KAATSU the original BFR:

*Level 1: KAATSU Cycle
*Level 2: KAATSU Performance
*Level 3: KAATSU Recovery

Level 1: KAATSU Cycle:
The KAATSU Cycle is a convenient, easy-to-use, automatic mode that requires no physical movement. It can be done anywhere (e.g., office cubicles, airplane seats, sofas at home, desks at school) anytime (e.g., before or after workouts), on the arms and separately on the legs. Before a workout, physical movement like stretching or an easy jog or calisthenics in the KAATSU Cycle mode is a great warm-up.

During the KAATSU Cycle mode, the KAATSU Air Bands remain connected to the KAATSU equipment (KAATSU Master 2.0, KAATSU Nano, KAATSU Cycle 2.0, KAATSU C3 or KAATSU B1 units) and automatically inflates and deflates to pressures between 0 - 500 SKU.

It is standard KAATSU protocol that athletes start with low pressures on their first KAATSU Cycle set (e.g., Group Low on the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 or Level 1 on the KAATSU Master or 100 SKU on the KAATSU Nano). The second and subsequent sets can be gradually increased to higher pressures (e.g., Group Medium and Group High on the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 or Level 2-5 on the KAATSU Master or 150-400 SKU on the KAATSU Nano).

The KAATSU Cycle mode helps increase the vascular tissue elasticity and prepare the athlete for a vigorous workout or competition.

Level 2: KAATSU Performance
The KAATSU Constant mode is ideal for any kind of athletic performance. After inflating the KAATSU Air Bands to the athlete's optimal SKU pressure, the bands are untethered (disconnected) from the KAATSU equipment so athletes can work on their starts or anything else from swings of a golf club to turns in a pool, especially after 3-6 KAATSU Cycle sets have been completed.

KAATSU Performance is the most intense form of vigorous exercise and is highly aerobic. Athletes should always remain well hydrated before and during KAATSU - and should always monitor their CRT (Capillary Refill Time) and should immediately take off the bands if they feel lightheaded or uncomfortable.

Athletes can combine specific distances or durations (or sets or drills) with pace, interval and pressure or KAATSU DPIP.

DPIP = Distance (or Duration) + Pace + Interval + Pressure

KAATSU Air Bands are inflated so athletes can achieve a certain pace in specific intervals over a set distance or duration.

For example, a runner can run 8x400m at 2-minute intervals at a 1-minute pace with the KAATSU bands set at 100 SKU. Swimmers can swim 8x100m at 1:45 at a 1:20 pace with the KAATSU bands set at 100 SKU.

Once this initial KAATSU DPIP set can be repeatedly achieved at 100 SKU (keeping the distance, pace and interval constant), the runners and swimmers can then increase their SKU pressure to 110 SKU. After the second set at 110 SKU can be repeatedly achieved (keeping everything constant), the runners and swimmers can then increase their SKU pressure to 120 SKU. They can continue to increase the pressure - or alternatively, increase their distance (or duration) or pace, or decrease their interval.

The SKU pressures used during the KAATSU 3-point Exercises are dependent upon the appropriate Base SKU and Optimal SKU pressures.

Level 3: KAATSU Recovery
After a hard strength-training session, a vigorous workout, or a competition, athletes can use the KAATSU Cycle mode to efficiently flush out lactate from their major muscle groups, enabling them to recover well in time for their next workout or competitive event.

The KAATSU Cycle mode is convenient and easy-to-use for post-workout recovery. The athletes can just sit and apply the KAATSU Air Bands to their arms and then their legs - or vice versa.

To recover from a workout or a competition, some athletes prefer to do repeated KAATSU Cycle sets with the same SKU pressure. Alternatively, other athletes prefer to start with a higher pressure and then decrease their pressure on subsequent sets. Some athletes prefer to do the opposite; they start with lower pressures and then increase their pressure on subsequent sets. It all depends on what the athletes prefer.

Athletes start with lower pressures on the first Cycle (e.g., Group Low on the KAATSU Cycle 2.0, Level 1 on the KAATSU Master, or 100 SKU on the KAATSU Nano). Subsequent sets are set to higher pressures (e.g., Group Medium and Group High on KAATSU Cycle 2.0, Levels 2-5 on KAATSU Master, or 150-400 SKU on KAATSU Nano).

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