Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dr. Cory On Jumping Rope With KAATSU - Legs

For who? Student-athletes, competitive athletes
For what? Stamina, strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, KAATSU At Home

Cory Keirn DPT explains and showcases how the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 and the KAATSU Air Bands can be used for aerobic purposes.

"...simple and easy...use your speed triangle...no jump rope, no problem."
"...my calves are catching their breath...just do some light hopping..."
"...keep moving and pumping those calves...let's do some single-leg stuff..."
"This is a great way to get a great workout in little time."

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  1. I would like to know and appreciate comments on the use of Kaatsu and rebounding ( mini trampoline). Has anyone tried this? Just ordered a Cycle 2.0 and have a Cellerciser that I use daily. Thanks.

  2. I would strongly recommend starting off at a very easy pace and under very conservative (i.e., low) pressures in the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 mode. Doing the KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Training modes can lead quickly to an elevated pulse, so it is best to start slowly, conservatively and easy

  3. Does anyone have any knowledge of Kaatsu while rebounding (mini trampoline)?