Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Siim Land Discusses KAATSU, The Original BFR

For who? Retirees, Baby Boomers, competitive athletes, work from home employees
For what? Rehabilitation, recovery, functional movement, strength, flexibility, mobility, KAATSU At Home

Estonian biohacker Siim Land is an author, public speaker, high performance coach, and content creator who has a popular podcast about optimizing health, performance, longevity, and well-being with many different biohacking techniques.

Land's latest podcast is Slow Down Aging and Build Muscle With Kaatsu Training that can be heard here with KAATSU Global executives Steven Munatones and John Doolittle, a retired Navy SEAL Captain, who talk about KAATSU the Original BFR.

Both Munatones and Doolittle use KAATSU equipment daily, either on dryland, in the water, or in airplanes on frequent business trips.

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